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Laura is an engaging, informative guest.  She has loads to share and is excited to help you connect with your audience in a whole new way.

Her favorite topics include:

  • Habits (obviously!)
  • Paths to happiness
  • Mindset shifts for upgraded living
  • Perspective upgrades
  • Entrepreneurship strategies
  • Wealth building
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Women’s Empowerment

Quality matters.  Laura is proud to partner with you using professional equipment:

  • Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone
  • Focusrite Scarlett Solo Audio Interface
  • Logitec 1080p HD camera
  • Neewer Softbox Lighting

Laura is one of my all-time favorite guests, and The Six Habits is a game changer! She’s engaging, inspiring, and a force of nature who’s changing the world. I’m excited to bring her back on for another episode and even more insight. Love this woman!

Melinda Wittstock, Wings of Inspired Business (1M+ downloads)Melinda Wittstock, Wings of Inspired Business (1M+ downloads)

I’ve been so impressed with Laura DiBenedetto! She was a guest on my Podcast. Working with her before, during the recording and afterwards, has been a dream. This woman knows her stuff! She provided tons of value for my listeners, is clearly an expert in her field and was one of my top guests. I highly recommend following Laura, learning from the wisdom she shares and if you have a platform, be sure to get her on it with you!

diane-halfmanDiane Halfman, Host of SPAlife Podcast

Laura was pure joy to have on my podcast, Soul Powered. My audience of female entrepreneurs loved her authentic vulnerable stories and tactical wisdom. She shared her top advice and tips for building business and navigating the self development journey that is entrepreneurship. This is huge for my audience because they tune in for the actionable takeaways they can implement immediately in their business and lifestyle. I look forward to having Laura return to my podcast. She is direct, compassionate, and hilarious. I highly recommend her as a guest expert or speaker for any and all events and podcasts.

amber searsAmber Sears, Host of Soul Powered Podcast

Laura brought the kind of powerful experience you pray to get with your guests. She’s intelligent, funny, sharp, and brings massive wisdom and vitality to the conversation. Her episode is one of the best ones I’ve done. She didn’t hold back on the value, and is an A+ guest.

Dr. Chris Lee, A Healthy Mind F*ck PodcastDr. Chris Lee, A Healthy Mind F*ck Podcast

My interview with Laura was absolute fire! I felt that she had a real understanding of who my listeners are, and she tailored her wisdom to suit them perfectly… that’s such a dream for podcast hosts. It meant the world to me, and I can’t wait to have her on again!

Kristi Holt, CEO, Vibeonix

It’s official – Laura is one of my new favorite people! Talking to her is fun, easy, and loaded with so much value for my listeners. She’s a dream guest that brings big ideas in easy bites, and I’m thrilled to have had her on Raw Living Radio! Five-star, powerful woman… without question!

Living Raw Radio with Geeta Sidhu-Robb & Laura DiBenedettoGeeta Sidhu-Robb, Host of Living Raw Radio

Laura is a powerful, emerging thought leader with a life-changing message. She’s engaging, interesting, funny, and incredibly generous with her widsom. Laura is so easy to talk to and a really fantastic guest for my podcast- my listeners loved her! One of my best episodes without question.

Nes Reign, Dope & Damaged PodcastNes Reign, Dope & Damaged Podcast

My conversation with Laura was off the charts! Her straight forward, honest and funny outlook on how we can lean into ourselves, do the homework and put in the time to open up and examine the challenges preventing us from living our best lives and pursuing our dreams was a welcome wake up call. As month after month we enter into a new “normal” Laura’s messaging couldn’t be more on point. I honestly could have kept the conversation going a few more hours! Laura would be a fantastic guest for any podcaster who seeks an open and truth-telling conversation, offering keen insights into building that extraordinary life.

Debra Coleman, Host of Have A Seat Conversations
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