Laura DiBenedetto with Remi
Laura DiBenedetto
  • Maui, Hawaii resident

  • Proud pet mama

  • Home pastry chef

  • Married since 2017

  • Oil painter

  • Huge reggae fan

  • Favorite Artist: Salvador Dali

  • Big fan of Dad Jokes

  • One drink and done

  • Traveled to 9 countries

I am an ordinary person who’s been through the ringer, and came out swinging. I don’t consider myself to be special, and because I’ve done great things with my life as an ordinary person, I’m on a mission to show you how to build the extraordinary from right where you are now, just in case you’re ordinary too.

Like you, my resume doesn’t describe what’s most important: who I am or why I’ve done what I’ve done. But… it’s below if you’re curious. Who I am is the story I’d rather tell you… because you and I have more in common than you might think. I’m the woman who for years felt crippling self doubt and stopped herself from going after what she wanted, never believing she was worthy.  I’m the woman who would be depressed for months on end as winter set in and the blackness of the season wreaked havoc on my mindset and I hated my life and everyone and everything in it.  I’m also the woman with ADHD who struggled for years to get out of her own way, took enough swings to hit a few, and who never learned to love herself.  I let people walk on me for years, and I lost more than I’ve won.

At the core of all of that, I’m the woman who never thought others liked me, so I’d kill myself to do anything it would take so others would like me… because *I* never liked me.  I was the living embodiment of the opposite of the happiness I’m dedicated to living and sharing now.

One day when I got a massive career win and it felt like total nothingness… I knew something was wrong, and decided to do something about it. I decided to discover what happiness really was and how to create it.  In my quest to address my own pain, I discovered something so much greater than myself or the pain… I discovered the formula for a truly happy life that anyone could use.  It wasn’t success, beauty, a certain number on the scale, or an amount in the bank.  It was all in the mind.

When I put the formula to work, I changed my life. When I shared the formula, others changed their lives. In sharing the formula with you… I hope to give you the gift of the most tremendous happiness you’ve ever felt.

Laura DiBenedetto is America’s Happiness Coach and the #1 Bestselling Author of The Six Habits, CEO of Vision Advertising, and TEDx Speaker

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Vision Advertising

Get your marketing accurately planned and done for you by the experts – all within your budget

The Six Habits

Vision University

Learn about marketing from the pros so you can do it yourself the right way, the first time, and make money

At nineteen, Laura founded Vision Advertising, a Massachusetts marketing firm. Over the years, the company grew to become a multi-award-winning agency with a solid reputation, millions in revenue, and national recognition. For nearly twenty years, Laura relentlessly pursued the highest of standards, defying tradition to be the first to bring many cutting-edge technologies to her clients. She is a well-known marketing thought-leader and educator in the area, responsible for educating many other marketing companies on new strategies and tools.

During her career at Vision Advertising, Laura accumulated 18 awards to include two Torch Awards from the Better Business Bureau and the Forty Under 40 Award at age twenty-three. She was frequently featured on TV and radio, most notably including multiple appearances on FOX News. Laura routinely gave speeches and led workshops for area business organizations, universities, and special interest groups like the Massachusetts Restaurant Association.

With a soft spot for ambitious college students (having been a very young entrepreneur herself), women’s issues, and animals, Laura always felt it was important to be a helper and a mentor in the community. She built many entrepreneur-education and internship programs, and became the benefactor of a handful of local organizations dedicated to women’s abuse recovery and animal rescue services.

At thirty-seven, Laura retired as active CEO of Vision Advertising, turning over the reins to her successor, maintaining ownership of the company.

Right before her retirement, Laura was exhausted and depressed. She had made the disappointing discovery that no matter how much you love something; you can still get burnt out. This inspired her to take massive, motivated action and set out on a personal research project that changed her life, and subsequently many others. Laura’s research project resulted in massive change in her own life, her energy level, physical health, emotional healing, and for the first time in years – genuine happiness. Laura sold her beloved home in Massachusetts and moved to Maui with her husband, and has been adventuring, sharing her ideas, and empowering others to find true happiness.

The astounding results of her research project resulted in findings that became “The Six Habits.” Laura had uncovered the truth of happiness and what it really is. She further uncovered what habits are required for a truly happy life, and how to master those habits. The Six Habits is a book that teaches the importance of a constructive relationship with ourselves and provides specific instructions on developing mastery. The Six Habits is available as a paperback, ebook, and audio book at

The powerful impact of The Six Habits seen in Laura’s own life, clients, and colleagues paved the way for “The Six Habits – 90 Day Habit Mastery” program, and “The Six Habits Coaching Framework” – both available now.

Laura is a TEDx speaker and is a guest on popular podcasts including “Wings of Inspired Business” and “Soul Powered.” She is an active blogger with an engaged blogging and social platform. She is available for speeches, guest-appearances on podcasts, TV, and radio, guest-appearances in magazines and online channels.

Laura DiBenedetto CEO of Vision Advertising
Vision Advertising
Vision University
  • #1 Bestselling Author

  • 18 Awards

  • Meyers Briggs: ENTJ

  • TEDx Speaker

  • 5 Times on Fox News

  • Top 10 Women in PR

  • DISC Style: D

  • ADHD Overcomer

  • Sold $15M+ in Contracts

  • Retired at 37