Success is an inside job.  After retiring at 37 and discovering my heart was empty, I started on a crazy research project to figure out why I felt so lousy inside, despite accomplishing and acquiring so much.  I wanted to know, “What is happiness, really?” and I wanted to know where happiness came from.

Through my research, The Six Habits was created.  I discovered that humanity shares a destructive illusion of what success is.  At the same time, humanity is so insecure as a whole that any attempts at real success and real happiness are rejected.

The most profound revelations my research brought to light are:

  • Success is highly subjective, and mistakenly externalized rampantly
  • When you succeed internally, you’re more likely to succeed externally
  • Paradoxically, when you succeed internally, you’re less concerned with external success

Happiness, so it seems, is not what we think it is.

This is the foundation of my work, my passion, and my research.  In 2018, I began my research project and started peeling back the layers.  I uncovered an exhaustive list of things that happiness does not come from, and a very tight, orderly grouping of six things that happiness does come from; The Six Habits.  I began proving my findings on myself and with loved ones, later expanding to paying clients who were eager to benefit from my research.  The results were astounding in my life and theirs.

The Six Habits are behaviors that we act out every day, minute to minute.  These are the habits that define our relationship with ourselves, and our relationship with the world around us.  They are: kindness, acceptance, gratitude, presence, goodness, and intention.  The Six Habits are simple to understand at a high level, but are actually quite challenging to master for a lifetime of true happiness.  Real mastery goes beyond simple affirmations and a gratitude top 10 list every night.  It’s deep, internal transformation, and it’s far from easy.  Building a successful internal support system after a lifetime of buying into the wrong programming is no small task, and because of that, I’ve created every tool I can think of to help you master them as easily as humanly possible.  Beyond The Six Habits themselves, I’ve built the pathway to lifetime mastery.

I’m so excited to put this life-changing wisdom in your capable hands, and very soon, I will be able to.  The Six Habits is now a book (click here to pre-order), a 90 Day Habit Mastery program (live!), a coaching framework, and a lifestyle.

No matter how you approach The Six Habits, I am here for you, ready to help you create true success and happiness.

Love and Aloha,


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