I’m practically giving away my book!

I feel like I’ve done the impossible. I have been going through this pandemic situation with my sanity 97.3% intact. Not fighting with my husband, not feeling miserable, not feeling like the glass is half empty, I’m just busy crushing my goals. How am I doing it? I think you can figure out the answer by now. The Six Habits. The habits are exactly that… Habits. I don’t think about these lifesaving behaviors anymore. But I think I would be lost without them. ⁣
For that other percentage, and I suck at math so I’ll let you figure it out… I’ve had some hard days. I had one day where I bawled my eyes out because of the fear and uncertainty of what was going on. I felt heartache from missing my family and having my plans canceled on me and I was mopey another day. And it really sucked. But that was about it. ⁣
As I told you about yesterday, The Six Habits gave me so much courage… But more important than that, resiliency. I bounce back faster than I ever have in my whole life. All thanks to my habits. I really want you to be as resilient as I am. I feel practically invincible at this point in life, and you can too. I didn’t start out in life this way… I became resilient by mastering my relationship with me. You can too. What The Six Habits is all about is freedom. ⁣
I’m practically giving away my book, because launching this book is so amazing of an experience, I want as many people to be able to get their hands on this knowledge as possible without money being an obstacle. Knowledge is power.⁣
Can you imagine what would happen if you spent $.99… Perhaps the SMALLEST personal development investment of your life… and got to become the best version of you, living your BIGGEST life… all for less than $1?⁣
Stop imagining. 🙂 Take the leap. Pre-order the eBook now and it’ll be delivered to you in 3 days!⁣
I’d mention the day of the week, but quarantine makes every single day Blursday 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣 June 1. 3 days from now. Math. We can do this. 😁
I’m practically giving away my book!