Damn Double Standards…

Makeup Application for Professional WomenI love makeup, and I love to look and feel my best… but to be told that I have to do it just annoys me to tears.  There’s a double standard in the workplace that dictates that women wear makeup and look their absolute best at all times.  Well FINE!  When in Rome, look beautiful as hell and beat them at their own game, I say.  You gorgeous business badass you… this video is for just for you.

Makeup doesn’t need to take an hour.  Oh heavens no.  By 10 minutes into this video, you’ll be ready for work, fresh-faced and looking capable and alert.  By 15 minutes in, you’ll be on your way to a more defined look with a little extra style.  At 22 minutes, you’ll be ready to command the boardroom and make everyone pay attention.

Looks matter.  It’s your own personal marketing.  Rock it out.


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Makeup application for the professional woman

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