Why do I feel this way?

The summer of 2018 brought me to my knees. I was fighting with my husband, bleeding internally from years of stress, miserable, and giving up on a dream. I was broken inside. ⁣
Meanwhile, I had it all. On paper, anyway. And I was confused. ⁣
If I had it all, why was I so broken? So miserable? ⁣
I sat in my misery for days when I hit the bottom of it all and just stared at the wall. I didn’t even get dressed. I kept thinking one thing over and over…⁣
“Why do I feel this way? What’s wrong with me?”⁣
These questions only made me angry and no closer to a solution – or so I thought. These questions planted a tiny but mighty seed. The seed of curiosity. ⁣
What if I wasn’t the problem? What if I could find out why I felt like this and actually do something about it? What if I could finally feel the way I always wanted to feel? What if…?⁣
Curiosity led me to search for the answers to change my own life. To make my marriage better. To heal my heart. To soothe my years of stress. To find freedom. To finally feel secure… and truly happy from within. ⁣
Not only did I find all the answers, but I radically changed my life, courageously pursued things I always dreamed of, and started to live my life according to an entirely new set of rules. I became the happiest person I ever thought I could be. I became free! ⁣
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Why do I feel this way?