Warm and Fuzzy Feelings

As I’m writing this, I’m listening to my all-time-favorite, Nat King Cole’s “L.O.V.E.” OMG IT’S SO GOOD.  So yeah – he’s my fave of all time. Not Justin Timberlake or whomever the dude of the day is. I am not cool. I have given up trying. *shrug*

I remember playing under the kitchen table in my grandparents’ kitchen in Charlton, Massachusetts, USA when I was a kid and listening to my grandfather’s music… all standards. My grandfather, Forest Jones, was a really talented architect who designed some of the coolest buildings in Boston, and he’d be hunkered down (way past retirement) in his drawing room, toiling away on a new drawing, just lost in the joy of what he was doing. I wasn’t allowed to interrupt Grampy. Noooooo. But… the music made its way to the kitchen, where Grammy would be peeling insanely hot potatoes (how the F did she do that?!), Mom and Dad would be having a drink at the kitchen table with her, and talking to the pet parakeet. I, was just a lil’ tyke, playing with my toy cars and who-knows-what-else under the kitchen table. The linoleum looked like stone. Such an oddly specific memory…

Well anyway, I grew up on Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Louis Armstrong, Doris Day, Ella Fitzgerald, and all those incredible artists. And I have yet to fall out of love.

To this day, nothing makes me feel more peaceful at home than a glass of wine and standards.  Oh, and a clean home and a candle burning. It brings me back to those warm-and-fuzzy feelings I had when I was a kid. The good ol’ days.

What are your warm-and-fuzzy memories? (I will be SO tickled if you comment and share with me!!)

Ahhhhh – and here we are. I’ve come up with a point. LOL

Goodness. It’s Habit #5. If you haven’t read my book, my goodness, what on earth are you waiting for? I want you to feel this incredible joy in your heart that I have… and yes, my love, you need to return to your roots of all that is good so you CAN.

If you have read the book, have you taken a glance at the 90 Day Habit Mastery program? If not, can I just ramble for a moment while I listen to Michael Buble’s “Sway?”

I used to be the grumpiest bitch on the planet, despite achieving lots of material success and building a resume most would drop their jaw over. Success isn’t found on your resume, my love. It’s just not. Success is in your heart. What builds it? Your relationship with you.

I’ve always had Goodness in my life (as do you!)… but not enough. In my work with The Six Habits and becoming a Supreme Ninja (ok ok, “Master” is fine) of these habits, my heart was set free.  Like… free.  I am unencumbered by stress… but what others think of me… I’ve finally mastered boundaries… and I am officially un-fuck-with-able. This is Goodness.

Reading the book is a start… but not a finish.

Sorry, but the work is where the joy is.

Can I ask you to take a peek? You deserve this level of bliss that I’m feeling right now… transcendent… blissful… unattached… obligation-free… and free. We all do.

Man. I could write to you forever, but I’ll probably start talking about the finer points of Frank Sinatra, and how Lady Gaga’s duets with Tony Bennett’s songs are pretty awesome. OK…. One little detail. Did you know that Tony Bennett is a distant cousin of mine? He’s a DiBenedetto. He shortened his name for show biz. Can’t say that I blame him… this is one hell of a moniker. LOL

Side detour over. For now. If you like my random ramblings, please let me know. I’d love to share more.

All that in mind, you are amazing. Like…. ABSO-FREAKIN-LUTELY EPICALLY AMAZING. You may just not know it yet, or are taking it for granted (like I used to). But you are. Believe it. Just in this moment.

Check out the 90 day program. It’s built on science. I don’t mess with exaggerated claims of “21 days” and “30 days” because they’re lies, and I don’t have time for that shit. I’d rather sell less and sell with integrity, period, end of story. I refuse to tell you what you want to hear – I respect BOTH of us enough to tell you the truth. Here it is. Habits take 66 days to form. Science. Boom. I built my 90 Day program to be Laura-proof, you-proof, and goof-proof.

I like winning, what can I say?

Ohhhhhhhhh my goodness. Here comes Louis Armstrong’s “La vie en rose”. Omg. Must go.

Love and incredible joy to you today.

warm and fuzzy