Stay motivated while working from home!

It’s super easy to feel distracted with so much going on in the world and (likely) so much uncertainty in your own business.

But this strange time is an opportunity for growth, and I want you to make the most of it! So, here are my 3 simple tips to help you stay motivated when you’re working from home.

1️⃣Carve out a dedicated working space in your house and make it feel welcoming. It doesn’t have to be very big. Just a space for you, your laptop, your notepad and a glass of water.

2️⃣Make a daily list of items that you absolutely MUST do each day – and then do them. Limit your list to a maximum of 5 things.

3️⃣Set a timer to focus for a period of time and don’t allow any distractions. Once you are done, take a break and move away from your desk.

Do you think this will help you to stay motivated? Let me know how you’re coping with working from home. What is your biggest challenge?

stay motivated