Make you happy!

I hate that this f-ing COVID19 is a thing and it’s hurting so many, scaring millions, and shaking things up for people financially. It’s terrifying without a doubt. But perhaps we can use this as an opportunity to safeguard ourselves, our homes, and each other.

Perhaps we can use this as an opportunity to regain valuable perspective. You always knew this, but I bet you know this for certain now:

• Fancy cars will not make you happy.
• Millions in the bank will not make you happy.
• The cushy job will not make you happy.
• The sexy wife will not make you happy.

Only YOU will make you happy, once you choose to.

Whatever we have for time on this amazing planet of ours should be filled with incredible love, joy, and experiential bliss. That’s the POINT, and I for one, am seeing this sh*tty crisis as an opportunity to remember what really matters, and where happiness is really found.

I’m reminding you because I love you. I love me. I love my mom. AND, life is too damn short to miss out on what it could be.

• Be kind to yourself in your thoughts and words.
• Accept yourself unconditionally.
• Be grateful for all of life.
• Be present and choose now.
• Toss out the garbage and add goodness to your life.
• Be intentional about what you want and go for it.

Nobody is guaranteed anything in life, especially not tomorrow. Please choose joy if you have 60 more years or 60 days. Joy matters. It always did. You matter. You always did.

Are you ready for real, lasting happiness?

make you happy