Let’s do it!

I remember my heart pounding in my chest in January of 2019. Loudly. I was excited AND freaking out. I had never done anything this big before… and it wasn’t without its consequences. ⁣

“Are you sure? You’re not backing out on me?” Amedeo asked me, a cringing look on his face, expecting the worst. ⁣

“Let’s do it. 100%.” I smiled, mostly confident. It was happening. And I was shaking!!⁣

My husband grabbed me in a big hug, nearly crushing my ribs. He hollered “WOOHOOOOO” and I laughed. ⁣

We were going to move 5,000 miles away from everyone we loved and everything familiar to an island in the middle of the Pacific, to fulfill a lifelong dream. ⁣

Did it take courage for my husband? Not a speck. Did it take courage for me? All of it. ⁣

We all have different dreams. Some of the things I’ve done would terrify most, but they’re just another day at the office in my world. Starting a company? Easy. Traveling solo? Kid stuff. TEDx talk? I got this. But moving?? Away from my whole world?? Are you kidding me?? Awesomely terrifying. But I had to. I would spend my life regretting it if I didn’t take the leap. This was a huge dream for me. ⁣

Skip ahead to today, and I live on Maui, the most amazing island in the world, if you ask me. I’m surrounded by beauty and nature I used to only dream of. It’s real! For ME!!⁣

Was it easy for me to get here? Hell no. Some of the most fulfilling dreams are often the most terrifying. But I did it. ⁣

Know where I got the courage? The Six Habits. In four days, you can get your hands on the same superpower practical wisdom that can give you the same courage to fulfill the craziest, biggest dream you’ve got, whatever it is. My book changed my life and can change yours too. ⁣

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Let’s do it