Launching SOON!

Can I tell you a secret?

I’m nervous.

The Six Habits” (my book) is sitting with my editor for the *final* edit. Then I fly to Oahu to record the audiobook.  Shortly thereafter, I’m going to start working on the book launch.

Is this really happening?  *YUP*

Here’s why I’m nervous. I’m being totally vulnerable and admitting that I’m nervous that people won’t buy my book because I’m not Tony Robbins or some other super amazing well-known thought leader.  I have these annoying thoughts in the back of my mind that say “Nobody knows who you are! Why is anyone going to buy YOUR book?”  and “People equate visibility with power, and you’re not visible, so no one is going to take you seriously.”

Yes, those are my real thoughts.  CRINGE!! I hate those little asshole thoughts.  I squash them daily through practicing what I preach, but dammit, it takes work all day every day.  I built something with extraordinary power that changes lives, including my own.  I am so excited to share it with the world, AND, I’m nervous that no matter how good it is, it’ll get buried under the 33 million different titles Amazon already has.  Bottom line… I believe 100% in what I’ve built AND I’m nervous because I’m human.

All that being said… I’m diving into the deep end anyway.  I’m nervous AND I’m moving ahead.  I’m aching to teach you how to live the life you’ve always dreamed of, whatever that is.  Maybe you want the log cabin in the woods, financial freedom, early retirement, your own personal airplane, or even just a happy home.  Maybe you want to lose 50 lbs and keep it off.  Maybe you want to find the love of your life (or divorce the devil!).  Whatever it is, if you master The Six Habits, you can have anything.  Why?  EVERYTHING comes from inside you.

Success is internal… even though some of the markers we see (like airplanes) are external.  When you master your relationship with YOU, you can create ANYTHING.

I want to put a chapter of the audiobook into your hands, free.  Contact me on, and as soon as I have it ready (VERY SOON, HOLY SMOKES!), I’ll email it over.  Yep, that simple.

Launching SOON!