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Jacksonville, FL

Most internships are for college students who are entering the workforce. This internship is for college students, young people who skipped college, or older people who know it’s time to take their life by the horns and learn about entrepreneurship from a seasoned professional with three successful companies.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Start your first company.
  • Choose the business you want to be in.
  • Build a marketing plan that works in all economic circumstances.
  • Do marketing like a seasoned marketer.
  • Hire your first employee.
  • Scale a company from just you to several people.
  • Sell with passion and integrity.
  • Provide value that keeps customers coming back time and time again.
  • Manage difficult situations.
  • Build passive income.
  • And whatever else I can teach you that you want to know.

About You:

You are required to have your own transportation and work with me side by side in Jacksonville, FL. You must be good with people, a very quick study, and have a bright intellect ready to take on new things and solve problems on the fly. You must be good with computers, technology, digital media, and have a desire to get even better. You should enter into this internship with an eager mind ready to learn a variety of new things and ask loads of questions.  The more assertive you are, the more you will get out of the internship.  You will be asked to dedicate 20 to 40 hours per week to this internship for a minimum of six months.  If you’d like to use college credits for your internship, you may.

You Will Get to Work On:

  • Client and vendor communications
  • Project management
  • Research
  • Schedule coordination
  • Data management
  • Podcast support
  • Marketing & PR support
  • Website management
  • And whatever else we can fit into your experience to help you grow

About Me:

I am the international bestselling author of the book The Six Habits. I am a TEDx speaker, and three-time entrepreneur. I am the host of my own podcast and speak, train, and guide entrepreneurs through consulting and coaching.  As a young entrepreneur myself, I started my first company at 19 years old and retired from the same entity at 37, going on to do other things I am currently involved in.  Learn more at www.lauradibenedetto.com

Since 2002, I have been running successful internship programs where college students complete a semester with one of my companies, in the field of marketing. Students leave my internships grateful for the experience, excited to learn more, and feeling like they got more wisdom in just a few short months than they did in four years of education that they paid for. As one of the things I am most proud of in my career, nurturing the careers and self-belief of young minds hovers near the top.  This is the first time I have ever created an internship specifically for entrepreneurs. I’m extremely excited to help someone start bringing their dreams to life.

Please submit your resume and a cover letter on this page.  In your cover letter,  tell me why this appeals to you, what your goals are, and comment on the specific things you’ll get to work on and your comfort with the things mentioned. I can’t wait to hear from you!


Is the internship paid?2022-03-12T22:59:38-05:00

Absolutely!  But not in dollars.  You are paid in training and experience that I charge $500 per hour for.  If I were to charge you for the training you’ll receive, you’d have to pay $260,000 – $520,000.  This is a unique opportunity where you will get hands-on training that no one else will have access to.  You will have my exclusive attention on you, your advancement, and your dreams while we collaborate on real-world projects that go on every day.  Money comes and goes, wisdom is priceless.

Do I have to work in-person in Jacksonville, FL?2022-03-12T23:01:34-05:00

100% yes! And it will be fun!  We will do many things together, including visiting one of my company’s facilities in Bunnell, FL.  This is impossible to do from home.  However, if you’re ever not feeling well, you will be asked to either stay home, or work at home that day as an exception that prioritizes both of our wellbeing.

Do I have to do 6 full months?2022-03-12T23:03:01-05:00

Absolutely!  If you’re looking at it as a “have to” versus a “get to,” you’re in the wrong place.

Having run many successful internship programs for 20 full years, the biggest point of resistance in true growth I’ve observed is duration.  Schools will often require that you do a semester and get quite insistent that you do no more, and often quite less.  This robs the student BIG TIME.  Real life isn’t broken into semesters and it’s simply unfair to get inadequate training.  You deserve the most knowledge you can get and this is for your future!  Get greedy and take as much as you can!

How is this different than typical internships?2022-03-12T22:51:19-05:00

Many internships will ask you to do menial things, and this one does not.  Many internships will also look at you as “free labor” and not invest much into you, whereas this one looks at you as an investment in the next generation of innovators and world changers.

Beyond all that, the primary difference is that internships are largely not geared toward entrepreneurship, and this one IS.  As the owner of three companies, there is a great deal to learn about starting, growing, expanding, and exiting business.  The things that are not taught in school will be discussed often, such as:  wealth accumulation, legacy planning, dream building, money management, sales, business modeling as an entrepreneur, mental health, personal development and so much more.

This is a wild and exciting ride for the person who is eager and itching to build their dream life with support from an expert.

What’s the dress code?2022-03-12T22:50:09-05:00

Entrepreneurs don’t really have dress codes, but they do need to dress for the occasion.  For example, when we’re working together in the office, casual is fine.  Florida is all kinds of things weather-wise, so you’d be expected to be comfortable.  When we have a business event to go to, then we’d dress business professional, or business casual.  If you don’t know what those mean right now, I will help you make a great impression. If whatever we’re doing the next day requires certain attire, you’ll be given the heads-up and any coaching needed.

How do I get college credit for this?2022-03-12T22:50:45-05:00

Typically, your school will have paperwork I will need to fill out for you.  They will often need you to pay the school X amount dollars for Y amount of credits so you can use your experience with me toward your degree.  Whatever you need, I will happily help you with.

Do you require vaccination?2022-03-12T23:00:57-05:00

No, and I never will.  You are expected to be a responsible, communicative person who is accountable for your own decisions, your own body, and the impacts of your choices on yourself and others.

Is employment possible after the internship?2022-03-12T22:51:48-05:00

Absolutely.  If you are seeking employment while you build your dream business, and I have a spot you qualify for, you’ll have first shot at it.

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