Corona Virus: An alternative to panic

I was just at Lowe’s buying a screw for my toilet lid and happened to spy one container of Lysol disinfectant wipes up on a high shelf.  I thought to myself, “Cool!  They restocked!” Not thinking much of it, I grabbed it.  Then things got interesting.  Many people began questioning me politely, but with a primal look in their eye. I had people following me.  I had one person even try to touch me (really?!).  Yes, they were polite, but behind their manners was that raw, primal energy of desperate fear.

Corona Virus/ COVID19 is a big deal.  I’m taking it fully seriously, and now there’s confirmation that an infected person was visiting Maui while contagious.  We don’t have confirmed cases simply because we have no way to confirm them.  Not because they’re not here.

What happened at Lowe’s is an eerie foreshadowing of what could potentially go down if we don’t get our collective shit together, like now. I’m not interested in living in a world where people have lost their damn minds – are you?  The sun will still rise and set, money will still matter, and the VAST majority of us are going to be fine, even if we do get the virus.

❤ So… I’ve got a crazy idea.  Let’s build a great future right now, since we’re going to be there to see it.

To do that, you and I both need you to internalize this:
Irrational fear –
panic – bad decisions – things getting ugly. 

And it’s entirely preventable. Here’s the official emotional cycle for the stock market – that applies to the health crisis too.  We’re always in the cycle, for many things at the same time.  Right now, many are in the denial phase, many are in fear, and many have descended to desperation and panic.  Like the people at Lowe’s.

If you’re being super honest with yourself, where are you in this cycle?  Are your health and financial well-being are at risk?  Probably heading into the red zone, right?  With this whole Corona Virus thing going on, going back up the good side of the trajectory is going to be far down the road.

However, I have a better way for you. Check it out the new cycle I built:

Right after denial comes the epiphany.  Something happens.  You wake up.  You catch your anxiety, notice it, and acknowledge your denial.  And suddenly your brain starts to function all over again and you have a sorely needed epiphany… if you allow yourself to.  And this… is the pivot.

Once you pivot, you change your mindset from anxiety and starting to lose your damn mind and back toward sane, joyful living.  Active redirection is explained in detail in my book (if you haven’t signed up to preorder it, you can do that right here).  Here’s the bottom line that you can use today:

  1. Identify your destructive thoughts
  2. Coach yourself with new instructive thoughts
  3. Actively replace your destructive thoughts with constructive ones.

As you can see… I also built a full infographic.

Yes, people panic when things get scary, and we do dumb things if we don’t pivot. I fully get it.  But… it’s a choice.  Panic is not going to help ANYONE, least of all you or me. Please, let’s regain sanity, ok?  We’ll ALL come out on top if we can be pragmatic right now.

I’m all about happiness, and yeah, it still matters.  More than ever, in fact.  A huge part of that includes feeling safe with your health as well as your finances.  These are your basic needs and feeling like they aren’t being met is terrifying. I get it and you’re not crazy.

I want to help you pivot like a BOSS.  I’m the person that likes to get ahead of situations instead of being a victim.  I’m proactive, not reactive.  I don’t react, I respond.  You can too.

Not everyone is on the downward trajectory, but for those that are, I’m contemplating hosting a free, online (germ-free) workshop to help you figure out how to pivot financially and emotionally.  You don’t need me to teach you to wash your hands for 20 seconds (do you?) or remind you to avoid humans right now.  But this whole pivoting thing is so much harder than it looks, and I want to help you succeed, for the good of humanity.  Sure, I could charge (a lot) for this, but it’s in my (and everyone else’s) best interest if wisdom this essential is free and openly accessible.

I want to help you keep your life glued together today so tomorrow is as bright as you always dreamed of.

So… about this workshop.  I need to know if this is something you want to be part of, and if you will prioritize it in your schedule.  A video is one thing, a workshop is another.  A video is something you can just watch whenever, and honestly, ignore.  A workshop is an interactive, customized class that you participate in to get your needs met.  I want to create the latter.  I want to teach you:

  • How to pivot, and what that means in practice, both emotionally and financially
  • How to redirect (the three-step process above) like a boss
  • What to do when facing economic crisis and what you specifically can do for your unique situation to come out on top
  • Strategies for work-from-home companies you can start while quarantined
  • Strategies to pivot your existing company into a new, adaptive business model

That in mind, please do me a favor.  Comment below and tell me where you are on the cycle, what your situation is, and if this interests you.  Be specific.  I want to help.

If I get enough responses, I’ll host it, and you’ll be invited.  Let me know, ok?

Love, aloha, and hand sanitizer,


Corona Virus